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We employ traditional and non-traditional styles of image capturing to make sure your event, subject, model(s), or brand is telling your story the way you want it to. Whether it be in-studio or on-location we provide the utmost care for your project with professionalism, respect, and creativity. Your baby is our baby when we work together.

Video Production

We provides top quality cinematic production from HD to 4K for meaningful events that require us

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to capture the “moments” that make it all worth remembering. Our intention is to create a story-like view that enhances the viewers’ connection to the video.We work closely with our clients to make sure that we won’t miss what is important

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to you.

Audio Production

Our sound has been developed with over 50 years in combined experience in music production and engineering. We are capable of creating music of all popular genres and also have our own “sound” that gives any project the unique twist it needs to separate itself from anything else. We specialize in R&B, Hip hop, and Pop music. For more on our music production or to browse our instrumental library go to www.ididthebeat.com


Traveling services

We are willing to travel with a project after discussing the details with our clients.

Free coffee

Lets meet and talk about your next big idea. Coffee’s on us.


We will introduce marketing services and/or other services that may be beneficial to your growth. When you win, so do we.


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Our Team

Kelly Blaze

Kelly Blaze

Allen Pulley
Music Producer

Allen Pulley
Music Producer

Willie Alston
Music Producer/Video Editor

Willie Alston
Music Producer/Video Editor



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